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our Team and Advisors

Emerging Technologies are evolving and changing every day.  To ensure TecStack stays in touch with latest research and trends in this field we seek advice from a wide, experienced team of advisors.  These advisors are an integral part of the Core Team and are also available to clients via our workshops, coaching or consulting services.

Julia Buchholz, CEO TecStack

Julia Buchholz

Director & CEO

An innovation strategist with a strong background in business development, digital marketing and big data monetisation within the media and technology industry. Julia has strategised and implemented business models and Web 3.0 campaigns for technology projects. She discovered Bitcoin and Blockchain at the beginning of 2016 and started one of Perth's first meetup groups to teach the community the basics of digital currencies. She is also Committee Member of Proptech Hub WA, Blockchain WA and FIBREE regional co-chair. She is an active Blockchain Business Advisor and mentor for global Property Technology developments and got recognised with the PropTech WA Spirit of the Year 2022 award.


Abheeti Kathryn Pass

Director & COO

Abheeti comes from a background of entrepreneurialism, education, marketing and media. She’s a regular in the public speaking arena and continues to share her knowledge on a global scale, also as emcee of high profile events and content producer for international blockchain businesses. Passionate about ensuring information makes sense, and reaches the ears and hearts of people at a grass-roots level, Abheeti is particularly interested in 'de-teching the deck' so concepts being explored are understandable to all. Abheeti is leading the TecStack Podcast, facilitating interesting conversations with industry professionals to explore how technology changes their future jobs. Since joining her family in beautiful Italy, she is heading TecStack Europe into a new direction.

Trent Wheeler

Trent Wheeler

Board Advisor

An experienced public company director, CEO, board advisor, entrepreneur and investor for over two decades with leading multinationals, experience includes corporate executive, governance, global financial capital markets, government relations, M&A, business development, project management and engineering across a wide range of sectors. Trent’s experience includes provision of corporate, finance and technical solutions to renewable and alternative energy, power generation, oil & gas, infrastructure, minerals & metals, chemicals, military, aviation, tech and blockchain sectors across Australia, Africa, Canada, America and Southeast Asia.

Minnie Reynolds

Minnie Reynolds

Lecturer Blockchain for Real Estate

With a background in Accounting, Business Management, Consulting and Systems Analytics, Minnie is a Property Investor and has owned Business’s across many industry sectors. First hearing of Bitcoin in 2013, she was curious about the technology and its applications, but it was in 2017 when Minnie started the deep dive into exploration of the Blockchain and Bitcoin. Whilst now working as a Sales Executive in Real Estate, she is always looking for entrepreneurial opportunities, and believes Blockchain is the most exciting and promising she has ever seen. Following the maturation of the Crypto and Metaverse space has become both a hobby and a business for her.

Chinelle - Legal Lecturer

Chinelle van der Westhuizen

Advisor & Lecturer Legal

Chinelle van der Westhuizen is a lecturer in the School of Law at The University of Notre Dame and lectures Contract, Consumer and Banking Law. She completed her LLB and LLM at the University of Pretoria in South Africa and was admitted as an Advocate of the High Court of South Africa. She completed a further Masters by Research at The University of Notre Dame titled ‘Future Digital Money: The Legal Status and Regulation of Bitcoin in Australia’. Chinelle created Tecstack's CPD course 'Introduction to Blockchain for Lawyers', to help other legal professionals to understand smart contracts, legalities around cryptocurrencies, finance and banking and other Australia specific considerations. Or simply said: be future job ready.

Prash Nayar

Prash Nayar

Advisor & Lecturer Real Estate

Prash began his career is real estate sales and media in 2014. Two years later, he formed The Real Estate Times, a media corporation sharing industry insights for agents, sellers, and buyers through digital media. In 2018, he founded ReXY.AI a collaborative platform with machine learning catered to the A-Z of the property purchasing journey. With his passion for learning and sharing knowledge on property technology, Prash has joined the TecStack team as Trainer and Advisor with a focus on blockchain technology and its applications in real estate in 2022 and beyond.

Eli Bernstein

Eli Bernstein

Advisor & Lecturer Legal

Eli is a fintech and commercial lawyer and has a keen interest in fintech and the application of new technologies to legal and regulatory systems. Eli has worked across a range of companies, large and small, in industries from finance, technology, energy and resources. Eli’s core interest is the intersection of law, finance and technology. Eli is general partner of Cryptiq, and was University Associate at Curtin’s Blockchain R&D Lab and VP (Blockchain) for IEG Banking Group. Eli has a deep understanding of Blockchain for Real Estate and the legal difficulties the industry is facing when it comes to innovation.

Kieran Mesquita

Kieran Mesquita

Advisor & Blockchain Developer

Kieran aka 'Young Satoshi' is Chief Scientist at RAILGUN - a blockchain project to maintain privacy while interacting with DeFi smart contracts on Ethereum. Kieran is an early Bitcoin developer, adopter and proponent. He started writing mining code in 2010. He was 12. Kieran has worked on various open-source projects, most recent is one related to permissionless crowdfunding, cross-chain bridges, consensus algorithms and a wallet for low cost/low spec feature phones.

Tecstack Founders

Emma Tobias & Julia Buchholz


Emma and Julia founded TecStack in January 2019, noticing the lack of industry specific corporate training solutions in a rapidly changing work environment. Both being experienced serial entrepreneurs, especially blockchain education was always a common passion. Emma Tobias has deep expertise in facilitating the start-up, growth and acquisition stages of a business’ lifecycle. She is the founder of multiple Australian enterprises, ranging from 5 to 100 employees, and has taken them from start-up to $10 million in turnover. At TecStack Emma’s particular focus is on ensuring the corporate structure, commercialisation and administration of the business is robust in order to support rapid growth.