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About us

TecStack offers education, research and advisory services especially in the area of blockchain as an emerging and disruptive technology.

Services we offer


  • In-house workshops
  • Face-to-face Courses
  • Train the trainer courses
  • Trainer placements into projects


  • Viability studies
  • Industry-specific research
  • Impact assessments
  • Implementation roadmaps
  • Trend reports


  • HR & recruitment advisory
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Skills validation & testing
  • Personnel placement services

Our Mission


Emerging technologies including blockchain, machine learning, automation, big data analytics, robotics, and digital currency are maturing rapidly. As they converge in an ever-more connected world, they will utterly transform the way we all—businesses and individuals alike—work and live.

Meanwhile, you’ve got an organisation to run. There’s work to be done, stakeholders to keep happy, clients to care for. To navigate these extraordinary times with grace, you want to understand exactly what you need to know about technology, right when you need to know it, in order to make wise, well-informed choices. 

TecStack is here to support you in making sense of the future as it comes hurtling towards us. Our mission is to illuminate the pathways well, so we can all move forward more confidently. Together.  

educate AND PREPaRE

At TecStack, we provide trailblazing education, training, research and advisory services to industry, to the professions, to organisations and to governing bodies. Our focus is on the impacts and implications of emerging and exponential technologies as they converge, as well as on the opportunities that continuously arise from them.

education can change the world