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Blockchain technology, tokenisation and cryptocurrencies change the way businesses and individuals work and live. At TecStack, we provide education, research and advisory services to organisations and industry on the impacts and opportunities that arise from these changes.


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Professional Development education for individuals and their organisations. Includes face-to-face courses, webinars and online learning. Bespoke in-house training at your organisation as well as vocational education available. For more information please email [email protected].

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How to reach us

Providing research and course content creation for Blockchain related courses incl licensed whitelabel solutions for your organisation. For more information please email [email protected] and our team will get in touch to schedule a first intro call.

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How to reach us

Advisory services available including assessing your organisations readiness for emerging technology as well as the impact of blockchain and possible available solutions on the market. For more information please email [email protected] and our team will get in touch to schedule a first intro call.

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7 elective CPD points, Approval code: REIWA725
PERTH, Face-To-Face

Blockchain - Enabling Greater Trust in the Real Estate Industry


The future of real estate is changing. The smart-city era opens a wide range of possibilities for blockchain development. This non-technical new course gives you a thorough overview of how the application of blockchain technology can assist property managers, buyers, sellers, and tenants in Western Australia.

This full-day course is brought to you by TecStack via REIWA Training.

Next course:
15 September 2023
8.30 AM–4.30 PM
REIWA Training – Subiaco

Level 1, 215 Hay Street
Subiaco WA 6008

Who is this course for?
Licensed agents, sales representatives and property managers.

What will I learn?

Discover the unique benefits of blockchain and its relevance to the real estate industry. Blockchain technologies can mitigate and reduce fraud, current risks, and structural issues (including security checks, ID verification, defalcation, and other negligent behaviour within the industry). We also investigate blockchain-enabled payment systems, analyse real case scenarios and discuss new potential risks and challenges facing consumers and industry:

  • Real estate’s adoption of blockchain
  • Understand the basics, benefits, risks, and relevance to the real estate industry
  • Blockchain in action
  • A hands-on activity where you get to ‘compete’ against each other in groups to process the “block of information”
  • Blockchain and smart contracts
  • The latest case studies
  • How the real estate industry is utilising blockchain
  • Offer and sales process
  • Revenue streams and rent rolls
  • Settlement and conveyancing
  • Financing
  • How blockchain is changing the nature of property for buyers and sellers
  • Understanding the challenges for consumers
  • Legal consideration of blockchain and smart contracts
  • Reducing risks through blockchain
  • Blockchain and property management
  • Transparency of building history to protect buyers and seller
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